Action speak louder than words

Things that might be useful is when when justice or honesty to reveal the good of all people are now giving testimony to a leader that no one of his subordinates or employees who commit fraud on company.

Originally fraud was not known, but some time later an employee committed fraud was revealed from one consumer who almost trapped by the lies of the employee who did the cheating, but the leader of the employee before anyone else knew about the fraud report after its leaders know about it repeated, then one consumer of such employees be witness to stop cheating employees.

And after that consumers were ready to testify to the leadership that is true fraud, employees were eventually called by the leader to provide information about the fraud that has been done. But he just asked for help to consumers who have given testimony not to give testimony to the leader, but the consumer does not want to because he acts according to the consumer is already outrageous.

Eventually the case was investigated by the leaders after collecting the testimony of several consumer, and employees who commit fraud are given in the form of sanctions on the leaders of the suspension (which means he was not given a job Selma six months) for his actions.